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Delight Yoga Prinseneiland

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World Peace day special class

Find peace within

A restorative sound journey together with Maximiliaan Cohen

Friday September 21st, 2018
Delight Yoga, Prinseneiland 20G Amsterdam

Peace is not something you can achieve or have to fight for, it is a state of being. It is a state in which we are comfortable with what ever is there.

In this special class during ‘World Peace Day’ we will create an environment where you can relax and surrender. Using the universal language of sound and music soothing the mind. With restorative postures that fully supports the body, the body can also dive into deep conscious rest. By supporting the physical layers of our body with the help of yoga props such as bolsters, blankets, and block an environment is created in which the body can restore and heal itself. Through this comfort allowing the mental and emotional layers to unwind and to come into a place of stillness and inner peace.

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Pre-Teacher Training

Astanga Yoga: Practice Foundation Course

3 weekends and a Saturday in a row together with Marilou van Hoek

Starting November 3rd, 2018
Delight Yoga, Weteringschans 53 Amsterdam

Would you like to broaden your understanding of astanga yoga or would you like to establish a regular practice? Get confident with the three main aspects of the astanga yoga system: breath, bandhas and drishti and get a solid base from which you can continue your self-practice. This practice foundation course will give you a chance to deepen this practice from our most dedicated teachers.

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